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Disruption Activity

People know the truth yet it continues

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Hold on, the rewrite

Too much? Ha ha ha

Karma police. We don't need no stinkin badges.
Mr. Casual

I love the song Badge. It's a top 5 pick. I love the 20's first don't you?

What part of decoy for a military coup don't you understand? They don't want a civilian commander in chief. Time for 21st century younger military leaders. I hear they stopped night patrols in Afghanistan. Just like they ended them in Vietnam. They want you to think it's anything but I'm Jewish. I have no choice here they are trying to destroy me Right in front of you. Framed up as crazy too. They use that frame with cops and civil servants. Some are homophobes like Larry Craig, Mark Foley and Rev Ted Haggard. You can't be in the porn biz if you are afraid of boners. I know who I am and I'm happy with myself unlike these strange people. Blah blah we heard most of this already. Well I'm still fighting to get my life back. You know free. FREEDOM dudes it's worth fighting for.
Patsy De Cline

Lots to say lately. Too much dude...I'll rest when I'm dead. Ha ha ha ha now that's a belly laugh.

I don't understand how someone who spent 5th thru 12th grade in Hawaii who smoked pakalolo after school and after basketball games on the Kapiolani courts can come down so hard on medical marijuana. It doesn't make any sense.
Herb Smoker

I will tell you that I got butterflies in my stomach either packing up or driving to the location almost every porn shoot. I'm going to a location where a bunch of people I probably don't know are gonna show up and have some kind of sex on my direction. Good thing I knew the crew which was usually 2 people. Camcorder/DP (director of photography) and stylist. The ladies feel good if you have a stylist. Happy girls = good sex. RELAX
So the DP and stylist are doing their thing. The ladies are in a room with bath doing their makeup etc. I walk in and out a few times to try to explain the fetish and what the 1st scene is. It's a perk of being the boss. Talking to half dressed ladies ain't too bad. The guys stand around shooting the shit. The ladies are in charge in CFNM.
Action! If your DP is a film school grad you darn well better say Action.
So after I say cut people start to clean up and hookup some other day. Myles did it every shoot. The girls pursued him. Most people say they had fun. Some of the older ladies give me hugs. This is kinda boring. I usually dish about specific scenes and people. Did I mention that sometimes when we need to change location like from the living room to the bedroom they have sex without the cameras. The crew is moving equipment and they're eating lunch. Yuck yuck

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keep it simple stupid

Mr. Casual

Best places I ever had great unexpected CFNM. Crater Lake, Oregon and Sykes Hot Springs Big Sur, CA.

Best place to see beached white whales. It's that darn Baker Beach again.
Your mama

What I learned shooting porn: the more macho the guy the bigger the pussy!
Is it windy yet?

"Thanks for the heads up about the table showers Windy. I plan to add those to the Complex real soon. I think my ladies might enjoy it."
Indica Jones Doctor of CFNM

Yowsa yowsa everybody seems to want to copyright/trademark something lately
Hater Metabolism
I came up with that after talking to a skinhead biker a few minutes ago. He was 55 but looked 70. Talk about craters. Bad blood does terrible things. I had a Honda when I lived in Davenport years ago and I still look younger than him when I'm actually older. I've been thinking about this for a few days. Racist men look older and because I'm a big fan of the ladies I'm not going to print what I think about them. They have enough problems living with their man. Oops I married a 14 year old. Tip of the hat to McD.
I hope to try out my new high tide only Bay swimming hole today. The waters real warm before the wind comes up.
I wrote a little something about a day in the life of a porn shoot. I plan on adding that reeeal soon. I used to dish about porn more when I started this blog. Also on the VSFW forum people asked for the dish. Not many people shoot porn but everybody has their fantasies and thoughts about what it's really like. If the girls are happy it's fun!
"Ain't that the truth!" Mr. Casual ya dummy

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Happy Endings

OK so I read the weekly rags like most stoners. Free Table Shower. Hmmm I want a free table shower. For me that would be more than enough but hey that's just the prelude to the actual Asian masseuse and probable happy ending. I love happy endings don't you?
I think I could write a hot table shower scene but first I need more research. I love the Bay Area! Do they have table showers where you live? Well they probably will now. You're welcome. Ha ha he
Many photographers helped me along the way. Here's my #1 photography tip: Get closer.

You know what would be so cool? The day I can delete all the conspiracy BS from this blog and let's talk about sex baby.
Patsy De Cline

Am I free? NO not yet. Here's an imaginary conversation held in one of the many windowless rooms in Northern Virginia: What do we do now that Abu Grahib hit the fan? What do we do with our special boys? Should we bring em home? Should we put them to work here at home? All that money and training it would be a shame to waste such a valuable resourse. Inside joke: what's a fish fillet?

What nothing about same sex? Hmmm very interesting. Hey I'm for that too. Like I've heard said. "Let them be miserable like everyone else" I need to think about this sudden change for a while.

The truth shall set you free or protect you or some such nonsense...
Your favorite uncle.
Uncle Ron

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Jeepers Creepers

Can you imagine that I was so unworldly Spring break '67 I had never even heard of Marijuana till I was handed a joint by my older brother who had gotten turned on a couple of days before. I laughed almost like that dude in Reefer Madness for the first few weeks/months.

I long for the day when I can put up an email address to talk with my readers. Soon come...

Most of these tuff guys crack if you say in a whiny voice " why you picking on me"

On tonight's 5/8 Tuesday's NCIS: "watch out Gibbs he's fixated on you a woman screams." Good stuff and so current don't you think. I'm so freakin current sometimes. Why is that? I wish I knew.

I have the gift of guaranteed better more sensitive orgasms the day I get my freedom. Like today! I'll spill the beans I promise. Ask my friends. I give great personalized gifts.

Its elementary my dear Datson. I have great intuition, a good sense of humor and some psychic abilities. I appreciate women. They are so special. I did take them down from the pedestal. RELAX
No one believes in Karma more than me. Good Chi doesn't just happen it takes work._
Most pro photographers besides being people watchers are shall we say 'a little different. :) ' I've been a cab driver which is like being a rolling bartender. No booze but people say and do anything in the cab. Filming porn for 6 years is very educational. Believe me.
I've been going to nude beaches since I could drive. Is there anything more fun than nude volleyball with coeds from UCSC at Red, White and Blue beach or Sano. HELL NO.
I used to live in Davenport in Santa Cruz county which is within walking distance to Bonny Doon beach. I perfer Panther beach another mile south of Davenport for the great CFNM action and possible action behind the rocks. Any woman on Panther wants to see your dick fool. The parking lot is sketchy but beach hookups happen. I hate those jerks on top who would rather jerk in the bushes than talk to an actual hot naked women on the beach. I treated them the same way I treat these current goons. I almost got in fights with them too. This one time at band camp I wrote pervert or something backwards on a dirty rear window. Somehow he knew it was me. HA!
I'm not in the best shape. I get the Senor discount at the dispensary. I'm an old man who thinks young. I'm 35 going for 25's. There's Hef and Larry Flynt. I'm somewhere in the middle but closer to Hef.
So here's the deal. Freedom for me and better orgasms for you in 24 to 48 hours. You can thank me later.

Oops they took the blog to their server a few minutes ago. These MFs dont want you to have good sex just like they don't. I'm not going to download the "update" which made my first phone almost impossible to edit. That's why they put a 2nd .government line on my phone.

My folks bought 2 pair of Everlast boxing gloves while I was in elementary school. Rabbi's orders.

Did you know that besides the long goatee racist sport to identify themselves. They also look older than their real age. Too many bad thoughts I think. Too many negative hormones or something. Did you know how they really) ended the Vietnam war. They dragged enough officers who were sending squads on night patrol in the jungle. I guess I told enough of the military dudes on bikes that word got to Afghanistan. What did Obama recently say on his trip. We are ending nite patrols. Most of us were probably unaware they even did nite patrol there.

When are Obama and Holder gonna figure out that the racist are playing upon their blackman's revenge. Its so frigging obvious! Grow up. You're supposed to be leading the country not destroying over the past. We all including blacks just want the. Government out of our daily lies. April 15th that's what we expect. Of course these racist are fighting to stay out of prison or the public humiliation of the perp walk. I wanna see some scumbag perp walk involving. Gov officials. Wouldn't that be sweet!

Gary Coleman...Randy Savage!

The French translation for the word pail is Seau.

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America is now 1 step beyond the outer limits of the twilight zone! America has now become what these nazis have been trying to frame me up as. That's karma folks for not standing up.
Crazy, out of touch with reality. Fear Factor. You've all been eliminated.

Its sucks getting framed and treated like a terrorist in your own country. Forced nudity in the Homeland means cameras in public bathrooms that I use. Including restaurants, public men's and unisex portable bathrooms. Don't believe me? Too bad.

Call me Ismail but I think that murder/suicide in Gilbert AZ was a hit. I'm sorry for the family but happy there is one less neo-nazi in the world!

You can't be so naive to think I'm the only American they are doing this to. They're told me there's many others. Real or imagined enemy's of the state. I might be the only one with a voice!

Aziz scientist/anthrax letters


They have taken over this blog via another phone #. My bill says multiple lines when I only have 1. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. Oh yeah I'm innocent! I'm a fighter and I'm fighting for my very survival. Why you people believe everything my enemies tell you. Brilliant. You act like its my fault. What BS. They used to have cfnmzone on another server too but who cares that I have proof. Obama and Holder are being laughed at by the racist. After 500 years you would think black people would figure that you can't trust most white men in the government. And you're all going to help him get re-elected. FOOLS

Mazal tov

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Oye Poi

Yes its true folks I spent part of my misspent youth as a cabbie on Oahu.

Hawaii Tails:
The hot strippers hang out by the Hilton Lagoon. Every woman on vacation in Hawaii expects to get laid at least once. I rented a room from a crazy Danish women. Another older women lived there too. Dani had a bumper sticker on the reefer that said: Sex is a misdemeanor. The more I miss the meaner I get. She wasn't lying folks.
I was an extra on Magnum. It was a bar fight in a strip club. The Hubba Hubba Club on Hotel street. Dont go to Hotel Street at night. Its like NYC down there. Reall topless strippers too but smudged out for TV. I rode in TC's van to crew dinner late one afternoon. No one looked at the van.
There are many types of poi. They all suck!
I know where the military can go to get laid. The locals hate them except for the MILFS. I'm not gonna tell ya.
I lived in the Hahaione Valley. Ha ha e own knee or as I call it: ha ha I Won
Forever the optomist!
There were 3 Haole drivers. A Guy from TX whose wife worked in an ABC Store. And another mad Hungarian who had a Japanese girlfriend just off the jet. He learned enough Japanese to get a job driving a van full of Japanese tourist. The other Japanese drivers got him fired cause he made more tips than them.
Its where I discovered the joys of women of color.
The white working girls around the Hyatt all speak Japanese. I saw one of them blow a kiss one night to a 3 wheeled cop. Danish did not believe me. She remembers the Nazis. She was 5
Working girls used to ask for me to drive them and the Japanese john the 1/2 mile back to the Hyatt. Great freakin tips. Ha ha ha ha ha
Too much?
A Hawaiian waitress told me that Hawaiian guys marry blondes then are bummed that they can't cook Hawaiian dishes.
Just who do these dumb ass racists think are going to be their nurses at the end? Black and Brown ladies of course. Gillbert AZ, JT Ready. These delicate flowers don't want to be called neo-nazis. Isn't that special. The National Socialist Movement. White heterosexuals only folks. Hillbillies, crackers rednecks. Heaven forbid people like this are feds. No not in America...
Geez they're only destroying me right in front of all of you. Is this still America?

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Golden Rule

Lets hear it for Nancy Pelosi. You go girl.
Herb Smoker

The Golden City on the Hill

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yeah right

Blame the victim!
Obama and Holder are so into Blackman's Revenge that the racist are taking advantage of them. Either that or they themselves are under the thumb of the Nazis. I did see Obama drag Michelle around in that ugly black and yellow dress. What's up?
I can not believe what's happening to America. We will become the laughing stock of the world for how quickly and easily we gave it all up!

I'm just obeying orders.
I'm just trying to provide/protect my family
Why are you picking on me?
Big Brother is inevitable some feds think.

Feds have all told me this along with countless other Americans.
Even though America has a horrible past and present for that matter. We all feel blessed to be Americans or live in this great country.


Most Americans just want to be left alone.
Believe it or not a few times a month I run into feds who think what they are doing to me is extremely funny.

ha ha ha ha ha

Every CFNM-ZONE pic on this blog was handpicked by me. Enjoy the View...

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So I catch 60 minutes last night. I missed the beginning but it was a story about torture not working. Mr Slipper seems to remember Obama saying that torture worked the eve they killed Bin Laden last year. You don't need a study to know torture doesn't work. Tell them what they want to hear.
Enough BS. If you want to see the power of 3 girls working 1 cock I recommend The Sales Girls. Its funny too. Compare Myles on Curvy Girls 2 to Rich Girl Blues 2.
POV scenes are fun also. Give the ladies a 2nd camcorder then edit both together. Cool Stuff. Take my Husband Please and Stud Finders. Hey both of these scenes are also 3 deep scenes. The Gift.
Any scene with Ariel-X/Paula are good. Lots of dick contest scenes with her. One with blue ribbons and amatuers.